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  • Open Traditional Board

  • Swings Out

    Standard Cedar Gate Hardware

    Swings Out

  • Swings In

    Standard Cedar Gate Hardware

    Swings In

  • Universal Board

  • Stockade

  • Standard All-Purpose Gate Hardware

  • Open Picket

  • Crowned Board (Double Drive)

  • Parkway Board

  • Parkway Board

  • Traditional Board

  • Scalloped Open Baluster

  • Stockade

  • Crowned Board Walk Gate

  • Parkway Board gate with option wood (not steel) frame, and optional Halo

Some photos include painting (by others) and/or optional trim.

Reliable's cedar fences are the finest you can buy for guaranteed quality, low maintenance and long life. Whether it be total privacy, complete safety, distinguished beauty, or property line distinction, we can supply the fence that will provide enduring elegance in any location.

Our cedar fencing -- the pride of the company -- was designed by Reliable architects and engineers for discerning homeowners.  Most styles are available in various heights, in solid privacy or open spaced, and accompanied by a variety of post options to enhance your property and match your home's exterior.

Our representatives are fully trained to recommend and design the fence that will best suit your property.

To see some of your cedar fence accessory options, check out:

Remember: Reliable uses materials specifically engineered for the New England Climate.

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