Lyme Disease in Massachusetts — Sharply on the Rise

It’s no secret that we all live in constant threat of contracting Lyme Disease. Deer, which carry Deer Ticks, which cause Lyme Disease – have all been on the rise in our area for the past 20 years.

It happens far too often in our rural towns and communities: children (or pets) out playing in or near the woods return home covered in Lyme-bearing deer ticks. It’s a Parent’s & Pet-Owner’s responsibility to spend time each and every day tediously inspecting their loved-ones for these disease-laden creatures.

Now, you can protect your yard from these pests and thus minimize the risk of your loved ones contracting Lyme Disease with The Reliable Deer & Deer Tick Mitigation System™.

Breakdown Of Lyme Disease Cases By County
County* Confirmed
Cases in '05
Incidence Rate per 100k County* Confirmed
Cases in '05
Incidence Rate per 100k
Barnstable 229 101.1 Middlesex 444 30.4
Berkshire 66 50.1 Nantucket 29 285.2
Bristol 148 27.1 Norfolk 252 38.6
Dukes 90 577.2 Plymouth 320 65
Essex 254 34.4 Suffolk 45 6.9
Franklin 24 33.2 Worcester 238 30.4
Hampden 118 25.6 State Total 2341 36.3
Hampshire 68 44.3      
*Data not available for 16 counties from the MDPH Office of Integrated Surveillance and Informatics Services